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CMN Special Event Guidelines
Thank you for considering Children's Miracle Network (CMN) as the recipient of the proceeds of your organization's charitable event. Proceeds from your event will benefit children in north central Wisconsin through the programs that are funded biannually through CMN. For a list of projects supported by CMN, click here.

All events benefiting CMN must uphold the mission, vision and values of Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, Ministry Saint Joseph's Hospital (MSJH) and the Foundation of Saint Joseph's Hospital. Each proposal is evaluated to ensure criteria are met.

All events, including promotional and publicity material, that support CMN as the designated charity must be approved by the CMN Director at the Foundation of Saint Joseph's Hospital by completing and submitting the Special Event Application form.

PDF Form
Special Event
Application Form

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Event Considerations

Promotional Support
All copy for advertisements, point of purchase materials and other event related promotional materials used to promote the event must be approved by the CMN Director prior to use.

Financial Information
It shall be the goal of all events intended as "fundraisers" to net at least 50% of the gross income.

The event must be financially self-sustaining, not incurring debt in the CMN/SJH name, including new charge accounts, charges to existing CMN/SJH accounts or having invoices drafted in the CMN/SJH name, without written permission.

It is recommended that any financial sponsors that you contact be pre-approved by the CMN Director to ensure there is not a conflict with other key event sponsors or donors currently supporting CMN for other events.

CMN does not support the use of professional fundraising organizations to raise money for its benefit.

The proceeds from your event should be presented to CMN within 30 days after the event, unless otherwise agreed upon. (National CMN sponsors should follow the protocols established corporately for donation deposits). All donations must be received by December 31.

Licenses & Permits
If conducting a raffle, please be aware that such an activity needs a special license. MSJH holds a raffle license from the State of Wisconsin. To use this license, proceeds must benefit CMN. Contact the CMN office for raffle guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the person(s) organizing the event to obtain all other applicable permits, licenses and insurance certificates that may be required for an event.

All contracts and permits related to the event must be issued in the name of the sponsor and signed by an authorized representative of the sponsor. Contracts or permits must not commit CMN or MSJH to any contractual obligations and no representation of the sponsor may sign anything on behalf of CMN or MSJH.

IRS Regulations
If you are selling admission tickets to your event and plan to issue receipts for the charitable donation portion of your ticket price, this amount must be clearly identified and differentiated from the "fair market value" of the event.

Products or tangible items such as the purchase of raffle tickets, admission tickets, green fees and goods are not eligible as tax-deductible charitable contributions (unless the purchase price is greater than the value of the goods received).

CMN will acknowledge any organization, association or corporation that has made contributions toward your event as allowed by law and as long as it benefits CMN. You must provide a list of those organizations, contact name, address, donation description and proof of value.

Patti Shafto-Carlson
Director of Development - Children's Services

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